Getting Botox is highly popular today, and more and more people ? men and women alike ? are heading in for treatments. However, many of those seeking treatment do not take the time to learn about the process beforehand. The following are 10 of the things that everyone should know before they head in for a Botox/Dysport treatment.

  1. Know the Limitations: It is important that you know what Botox/Dysport will and will not be able to do for your face. While it is able to remove wrinkles and lines on the face, the results vary from person to person.
  2. Choose the Best: When you are looking for a professional who is able to provide you with this treatment, you really do need to make sure that you are looking for the pro in the area that has the best credentials and reputation This is not an area where you want to skimp on the money!
  3. Talk with the Doctor: Let the doctor know about your expectations first, and listen to his or her answer. If they tell you that the results you expect are not possible, it?s important to know and understand this before you continue with a treatment that is going to underwhelm you.
  4. Know the Side Effects: The side effects are generally going to be mild but you can expect minimal, short lived swelling and redness, and commonly a slight amount of bruising.
  5. It Takes Time to Show Results: Even though the process doesn?t cause too much pain, and it can heal quickly, you will find that it still takes several days for the Botox/Dysport to show you real results. Schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks before any event in which you want to look your best.
  6. Beware Your Meds: Some medications, such as aspirin, can thin the blood. Fish oils have this effect as well. When you take them, it means that your bruising is going to be more severe. You should stop taking them a week or two before the procedure, unless your physician says otherwise.
  7. Know the Cost: Talk with the medical spa about the full cost of the procedure early on in the discussions.
  8. Keep Upright: After you have the injection, make sure that you are in an upright, standing or seated, position for at least 3 or 4 hours so the Botox/Dysport stays in place.
  9. How Long It Lasts:? Botox/Dysport treatment lasts 3-6 months after which you start to see motion again in the treated areas. To maintain the beautiful effects of Botox you may want to have another treatment or touch up within that period.
  10. How Long It Takes: While all patients are different, you are generally going to be in and out of the medical spa within an half of an hour to an hour at most.
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Last Modified: May 16, 2014