Everyone wants to look their best, especially when living in warmer climates where more skin is exposed to the environment. The easiest way to find remedies to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, or enhance overall beauty, is to use the services of a medical spa. The medical spa services available in Fernandina Beach, Florida, offer all treatments that are necessary for looking and feeling your best.

However, before selecting the best medical spa, it is important to consider factors that differentiate one from the other. Many spas simply offer skin care treatments that very temporarily repair skin problems that can be fixed with a facial or creams. Medical spas offer more extensive treatments and will have a physician on staff that routinely performs many of the available treatments or supervises others.

What to Consider

It is important to understand exactly who will be applying the treatment, what their credentials are and what you can expect as the end result.

  • Who Is in Charge? ? Understanding exactly who is in charge of the medical spa will answer a lot of questions. Questions should be answered, including do they have a physician on staff that oversees all treatments and procedures, and does everyone have the proper training?
  • Who Will Perform the Procedure? ? Most medical spas do not have a physician performing all the procedures but will provide training and supervision ensuring that the entire process is performed correctly. The physician will also be on hand should any medical issue require immediate attention.
  • Is It a People-Friendly Environment? ? Typically, information can be found online showing feedback, comments and reviews from others that have experienced the medical spa, which details their reactions and results. It is important to only select a medical spa that offers a level of professionalism in all of the treatments and procedures they provide.
  • What Treatments Are Offered? ? While most spas offer low-level skin care treatments, a medical spa offers extensive procedures including dermal and Botox fillers, weight control options, chemical peels, hair loss treatments, and other effective procedures.

As an obvious hybrid between a day spa and a medical clinic, a medical spa offers a variety of treatments that are performed under the direct supervision of a medical physician. Individuals should choose a medical spa in Fernandina Beach, Florida that uses the right types of equipment, and offers the best treatments under medical spa supervision.