Liquid Brow Lift



?Liquid Brow Lift

The Liquid Brow Lift is performed at London Medical Spa by physicians using neuromuscular blockers like Botox and Dysport instead of surgery.? It is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive procedure that utilizes your own muscles to elevate the brow.? The goal is to lift the lateral or outside of the brow giving a nicely arched appearance that most women favor. This gives the eyes a wide open, larger, more youthful appearance.?

Have you noticed a fullness of your upper lids as you get older?? Are you now having to manually lift up on the brow to apply eye shadow or severely wrinkle the forehead to elevate the brow?

?Fullness of the upper eyelid and lower brow is a common complaint from patients.? They complain it makes them look tired and older. The sagging brow is caused by gravitational descent of the forehead and brow skin over the orbital bony rim (eye socket) that happens to many of us as we age.

?People who get chemical brow-lifts tend to be those who want a brighter look to their eyes and a higher brow, but don?t want invasive surgery or the permanence of a surgical procedure. The cost of a surgical brow-lift procedure can be $3000-$5000.

?There is a less expensive, quick and easy, less invasive alternative you can try to lessen the appearance of a sagging brow.? It’s called the Liquid Brow Lift.

?So how does it work?? First, a short anatomy lesson: There is only one muscle that elevates the eyebrow, the thin, broad, forehead muscle called the Frontalis Muscle. There are several depressor muscles that pull the eyebrow down.? The muscle that depresses the lateral brow is the Oricularis Oculi. It is a sphincter muscle that opens and closes the eye like a camera lens.? When it closes the eye it pulls down on the lateral brow.

?The elevator and the depressors muscles are antagonistic (pulling in opposite directions) and hold the brow in position while at rest. By simply injecting and weakening the depressor muscles with a neuromuscular blocker like Botox or Dysport and leaving the elevator muscle unopposed it will retrain the muscles to reshape the brow over time.

?In short, strategically placed neuromuscular blocker injections can give your brows a subtle yet temporary lift?with none of the recovery or downtime associated with surgery and at a fraction of the cost.? The desired effect lasts around 4-6 months. ?

The Frontalis, Corrugator, Procerus and Orbicularis Oculi are the most common muscles injected with Dysport or Botox.