Facial Sculpting



As we age we lose facial volume. Facial bones remodel and the fat pads under the skin shrink and fall.  Combine these factors with the normal loss of skin elasticity in aging and what you see is a face that appears fallen, sunken, and sagging with deep facial folds and jowls.   

Cheek enhancement is essentially a non-surgical liquid face lift that restores facial volume lost due to normal aging.  At London Medical Spa we use only FDA cleared tissue fillers to lift the face and soften the folds. The result is an impressive WOW effect creating an instantly more youthful appearance.  

When Should You Consider Cheek Enhancement?

  • When you  notice that your face appears to have fallen or is sunken
  • If you are noticing deeper folds between your nose and mouth or your mouth and chin 
  • If you feel that you look tired or sad
  • If you desire the appearance of more beautiful and higher cheek bones 

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Lip enhancements are ideal for anyone wanting to plump their lips with additional volume or change the lip shape.  As we age, lips, like other other areas of the face, lose volume and fullness.  Lips become thinner and less attractive.  Lip fillers help to restore volume and fullness creating beautiful, naturally shaped lips.  Dr London’s lip enhancements are performed very comfortably with an anesthetic block or using numbing cream. The procedure takes approximately 30 min when done in his office.  Occasionally there may be some minor bruising for about a week but is easily covered with lipstick.

When Should you Consider Lip Enhancements?

  • When you start thinking that having fuller lips would help to balance your facial features
  • If you’re aging and you think it’s time to help your lips get back their fuller, more youthful appearance
  • If your lips seem to disappear when you smile
  • Or if you simply feel self-conscious about how your lips look


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